Old  English Working  Kennels

This site is purely for information purposes only.  Pups are not for sale to the public as it is well known that if you are a breeder of pups to supply only for demand  purposes,  quality and working ability is compromised in order to turn out progeny without really knowing  if the progeny will possess the desired inherent traits . This site is for information and educational purposes only so as to promote the true breed and characteristics of the Patterdale here in Australia. All dogs and pups  when produced at stud are for the breeders own personal use at stud and are not for sale, so that the terriers produced can be assessed  for their inherent qualities and used in future breeding programmes.  Although pups are unattainable now , in the future

you can be assured the Patterdale will be of superior quality as it will have been through a selection programme so as to not only possess the inherent qualities of old, but to resemble the terriers of old as they were meant to be.  

 Old English Working

 Patterdale Terriers


  Breeder  Geoff Hook



  with the 1st lines imported from

  the U.K.  'Paige & Lew '  blood.        

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    " "It is my aim to produce a terrier           as true type in every aspect my dogs ancestors in the U.K.  and to keep the inherint characteristics  to work  below ground  strong in their makeup.

  Afterall it is this that sets the Patterdale  apart from other terriers" .!

 The  Patterdale  -   

                  " the ultimate  Earth  Dog "


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