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 Old English Working
  Patterdale Terriers -
Geoff  & Lauren Hook


Welcome to one of Australia's only true Patterdale breeder, custodian/advocate for keeping the true imported lines from the UK  100% pure as they were meant to be.  All my  my terriers used  are directly  linked to the terriers imported from England and Ireland  from the original imported  terriers, 'Lew' & ' Paige" in1997 to recently acquired terriers  with ancestoral lines within 1 generation of Nuttall & Gould lines brought to Australia.

It is my aim to keep the inherent characteristics of these imported terriers strong in Australia and keep so-called breeders of the crossbred Patterjack ( patterdale x Jack Russell )  segregated from the true to type patterdale  I am producing here in Australia and  to stop the watering down of the true patterdale by these groups.  The breeding of the two types began when only a few true type patterdales were available for breeding pairs and instead were bred with the Jack Russell to satisfy the ever growing interest in the patterdale terrier. This type of mating produced a smaller, finer boned version of the true patterdale with a 50 % reduction in  prey drive and courage, two inherent characteristics that should not be tampered with.  Offspring produced from this type of mating is not recognised by breeders of the true type patterdale and will never be accepted and called a Patterdale terrier. This type of mating is a common mistake made by the show fraternity as these specimens are easier to control due to their reduced working ability and prey drive.  The Patterjack will become common on the show scene in the future as it is the result of what happens when the working ability is bred out of the true Patterdale leaving a specimen with reduced size, courage and intelligence.  It is my aim to keep the true Patterdale from being recognised as a breed by certain kennel councils and members of the show fraternity who only wish to set standards of type and  charge inflated fees  and prices for their  pups which are specimens bred down from  non working lines.  The true Patterdale is a working terrier and if these groups are allowed to breed terriers of poor working quality, then the end result will in no way resemble the true to type Patterdale terrier that we know today.

  Geoff Hook 

 For more information on the availability and pricing of pups email us on ;

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    " "It is my aim to produce a terrier           as true type in every aspect my dogs ancestors in the U.K.  and to keep the inherint characteristics  to work  below ground  strong in their makeup.

  Afterall it is this that sets the Patterdale  apart from other terriers" .!

 Geoff Hook


  with the 1st lines imported from

  the U.K.  'Paige & Lew '  blood.        


 The  Patterdale  -   

                  " the ultimate  Earth  Dog "



 For further enquiries or more information on the Patterdale terrier , availability of pups and pricing, click the link below.

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