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 Welcome to Australia's only true Patterdale breeder and custodian/advocate for keeping the true imported lines from the UK  100% pure as they were meant to be.  All my  my terriers used  are directly  linked to the terriers imported from England and Ireland  from the original imported bitch ' Paige" in

1997 to recently acquired terriers  with ancestoral lines within 1 generation of Nuttall lines brought to Australia.

It is my mission to not only breed terriers which possess all the desired traits of the  terriers which are brought out from the UK, but to promote and strengthen the true working characteristics of the Patterdale here in Australia. By not  offering pups or litters for sale to the public  it is my intention to limit the amount of true patterdales which exist in the market, thereby making the true type rare and much sought after by limiting the amount of available breeding partners to the unscrupulous cross breeding or 'Patterjack' breeders.

The main problem we have here in Australia is the availability of true to line Patterdales from which to breed from and this often leads to so-called breeders using the likes of the Jack Russell terrier to carry on their lines, producing a more desirable  size of terrier more suited to the small earths we encounter here in Australia.  This is the only apparent  plus from this type of mating because once a true to-type terrier of 100% lineage is bred with a cur you lose 50 % of the inherent characteristics of the true Patterdale. As well as inherent characteristics everything is watered down, eg. stature , head and chest size as well as small bow legs and cow-hocked rear legs.

 Old English Working

 Patterdale Terriers


  Breeder  Geoff Hook



  with the 1st lines imported from

  the U.K.  'Paige & Lew '  blood.        

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    " "It is my aim to produce a terrier           as true type in every aspect my dogs ancestors in the U.K.  and to keep the inherint characteristics  to work  below ground  strong in their makeup.

  Afterall it is this that sets the Patterdale  apart from other terriers" .!

Please note; 
'Pups are no longer available for sale to the public and any are kept by the breeder for custodian / preservation reasons set out above for the betterment of the breed's future here in Australia'.

 The  Patterdale  -   

                  " the ultimate  Earth  Dog "


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