Past Foundation  Sires & Dams

  My old foundation bitch  'Molly'.

  Now deceased .    Sired by  Jason Powell's  'Lew'.

  and the original 'Paige'.     

  Anton's 'Jack'.   Dec.

   The dog  bred with  Molly  to

    produce  my dogs at stud.

    Sired by  Goulds Spike & Wisp.


 Gravey's Jack x  Williams Molly'.  RIP

   Anton's  Dodger .   RIP

  Bred with Molly to produce  Nato.

  Dodgers sire 'Grip'  was said to be  a     hard dog' with a bite like crocodile. ' 

RIP - old boy

 Stan .     sired by Digger &  Paige .

 Now deceased. Produced some good pup for my own use.   Like Stan they worker below ground for hours  staying  at the job. No nonsense with him, he worked hard, bred, et & slept.                   He would'nt look for praise or  social encounters with other dogs.

  Nato.      Now deceased

 Stud sire  producing quality pups  in confirmation and  work ethics.  Pups usually threw smooth blacks, about 12-13 inches  at wither.

  Nato  has a good deal of Dodger in him .

  He was hard  ,  intelligent and  very good to ground.

Darcey  -  RIP

Builder   -     RIP


           Sired by  Nato & Spook.

            Excellent dog in every way.

            A hard dog that produced 

            Bolting types.     RIP.

 Storm   - Excellent bitch .   Spook x Nato


Leila -  4 yr bitch  (  Nato x Spook )

Leila (3).jpg