Welcome to the World of the

  Patterdale Terrier .





      The Patterdale or Old English Blacks are I believe the

      ultimate terrier around today. Temperament, courage,

      intelligence and stamp of type combined with the quiet

      self - confident, no -nonsense attitude making them supreme.           My main reason for having the true Patterdale terrier here in 

      Australia is to not only promote the true type patterdale as               imported from the UK but also to protect it from                                  unscrupulous owners only with intentions to use the                          patterdale  for their own gain.

      Because of the distance from where they originate,  the true

      to-type working Patterdales are few here in Australia.

      So it should be our intention to keep and protect the breed

      from owners that wish to procure  a pup for the sole purpose

      of breeding to cur dogs and terriers of poor lineage.

      The Patterdale is a terrier with a very high prey drive 

      combined with a no quit attitude, traits that were crafted into          certain working lines  to give the Fell terrier its reputation as

      the ultimate weapon in the control of the fox and in days gone 

      by, the badger.  It is these characteristics that our terriers

      possess making these terriers unsuitable for pets or  for 

       owners who wish to have one for the purpose of showing.

       If it was your intention for wanting to own a Patterdale 

       terrier for either of these pursuits, STOP and rethink

       your situation and the reasons you want it for.


         To own one and not have it for the purpose it was bred for

        will result in frustration for the owner and disaster for the 

         terrier as it struggles to fit into a pampered lifestyle.

        The Patterdale possesses a very high prey drive and should

         not be kept in a backyard situation unsupervised.

         They will do their best to escape and seek out vulnerable

         animals that they deem to be vermin, and if this is your 

         neighbours cat or pet rabbit / guinnea pigs, you will have

          not only a ruined friendship but a decent vet bill to match.

         If it is your wish to own a terrier in this situation then

         maybe consider something softer such as the Jack 

         Russell or a Patterjack (  Patterdale x  Jack Russell).

          There are people breeding these crossbreds and

          advertising them as pure patterdales. They are smaller

          and resemble a Jack Russell and are more suited to a 

          life in suburbia as companions or family pets.

        If the true Patterdale terrier is allowed to go to

        owners wishing to do any of these things it will 

         inevitably lead to the demise of the breed. !