History  of  my terriers .
         The following is how my terriers happen to come to Australia to form my foundation stock.
               The bloodlines of Gould, Nuttall, Brightmore & Stevens are predominate. The bitch 'Paige' was sent
               to Australia from the U.K. in pup to a red Fell type dog from Wales  after being ordered by  Mr  X 
               and  two or three  partners in the deal.
               The result of the litter produced the usual suspects of at least one male which was retained by MrX
               and a number of bitches that were distributed around Victoria among the various partners.
               The dog pup was named Digger and will feature later in this article.
               Digger was mated to Paige which produced a black fell type dog which Mr X named Stan.
                In 1987  Mr X   organised for a bitch to be imported in pup through  renouned terrierman
                and editor of a sporting dog magazine, Earth Dog / Running Dog ,   Mr Dave Harcombe.
                Mr X  wanted Dave to send out a bitch 'Moira'  in pup but Dave changed his mind and organised
               for the dog 'Lew'  bred by his friend Jason Powell to be sent instead.
                Dave was so relieved that he didn't  because 'Moira' turned out to be one of his best.
                Dave said "quote" ,  " Anyway it was arranged for him to have 'Lew' from Jason Powell instead.
                If he turned out as good as his two litter brothers Danny and Dai, he'd be ok though he was
               broken coated, his brothers were smooth & very hard."  end quote.
               The mating between Paige and Lew  resulted in a number of bitches which all seemed to get the
               name Molly.   Again one was retained by Mr  X  and the others spreading around Victoria and
               other  states.   
               My interst in the Patterdale began about   15 yrs ago when my cousin returned from the
                U.K. after visiting  a friend  there.  His friend turned out to be Brian Nuttall and he told me
                of these little black terriers he had that could go underground and vacate all who resided there.
                 Not long after I saw an add in The Land paper  claiming to have patterdales for sale.
                  Mr X had other interests to pursue  and wanted to sell all he had in his kennel.
                 I bought all he had .    A bitch  'Molly'      The fell type male 'Stan'    and one other pup.
                 After a couple of years I was fortunate enough to have made acquaintence with Anton
                 who after  working in England  in Ken Gould's  kennels and working Ken's dogs at various
                hunts,  imported his Gould line of  terriers  to Australia on his return.
                The joining of my Molly and  Anton's dogs 'Jack 'and 'Dodger'  have added   the blood of
                 the likes of   Goulds  lines  in  'Spartecus'  and 'Wisp'.                                                                                                        A recent acquisition of a male, 'Oscar '  has introduced  Nuttall blood to the stud.                                                    Oscar's pedigree can be viewed on the ancestory page.   His fathers side goes back to Nuttall's                             Tarmac and Black Shandy.




Anton's excellent dog 'Jack'.  Bred by Wayne Gravey from Gould lines   ( Wisp x Spike )


Oscar -       Nuttall x Gould lines

Anton's dog 'Dodger'    ( Grip  & Ice )

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