The Patterdales future in Australia

   The true type Patterdale Terrier as originally imported is being received with overwhelming popularity by dog enthusiests from all walks of life.  Since the Patterdale was imported around  1986 , the men who originally brought out the  'Paige / Lew ' line

 were no doubt limited with the number of true Patterdale Terriers with which to breed.

 Other than importing more terriers for this purpose  , their choices were limited to one or two without inbreeding.  The line I purchased from one of these men was still untainted by inbreeding and crossbreeding.  Now  that I had the genuine articles I made contact with Anton in Sydney as it was rumoured he had an unrelated line of Patterdales.  Anton had spent his time in England finding the right type of Patterdale and returned with two dogs of Gould lines.  We combined our lines to produce the terriers we have today and with the addition of more imported Patterdales since have managed to keep the bloodlines true to type, only breeding 100 % to each other. However due to access to the 100 % imported lines being poor to nil some owners of the original terriers either bred to the Jack Russell or sold a true Patterdale pup to working lads around Victoria and Western Australia and they have carried out this breeding.  This trend in breeding  the Jack Russell to the Patterdale has flourished and we are seeing more and more of these types of crossbreds being produced to satisfy a growing market.  What makes it worse is that the pups from these cross breedings are being advertised as Patterdales to try and justify sales.  They are charging about half the price of that of the true type Patterdale Terrier and not admitting  the cur breeding their terriers have in their history. Too many of these breeders are quick to mention that the pups are by a dog from one of the original imports and fail to mention the lines of the other terrier. Unless pressed for this information they are quite happy to keep this family secret hidden and say as far as I know there is no Jack Russell in my terriers.

 If breeders cant produce either of these credentials then they are not what they seem and are not offering the genuine article.  If they wont show this identification contact me and I will tell you if they are involved with the register and have the Patterdale's best interests at heart.  Beware the breeder that frequents terrier shows parading them for ribbons and having them judged as working types. The stock usually is of this cross breeding and the characteristics displayed in no way resemble the true Patterdale Terrier.  They enter them in a Patterdale terrier class when in fact they are 50 % Jack Russell and because their terrier is black, the Jack Russell terrier enthusiests are easily fooled.  If they entered them as Jack Russell's they may notice and prevent them participating.  Another class these groups enter their terriers in is being judged as a 'working terrier for type' . Who is doing the judging ? no one involved with our group who are all workers of the Patterdale and know the true inherent characteristics  and standards of the breed.  I have made contact with the various Jack Russell groups and clubs outlining these concerns and it is hoped they now see what is transpiring with their breed and the Patterdale.  Just as I would  act to protect the Jack Russell standards from being bred down I hope the Jack Russell organisations can nip this practice in the bud if they are hosting these shows and protect the Patterdale by requesting the documents or viewing the tattoo of the terrier before being admitted into the Patterdale class.   It is my duty as self appointed custodian of the Patterdale terrier breed here in Australia to keep the true imported Patterdale lines separated from these crossbreds until they classify their terriers as they are  ie: Jack Russell X Patterdale Terrier.  I shall let them make up the name. !